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tv   RT News  PBS  May 2, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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will will will. and the eye the breaking news in all the dead people and single piece on the training forces you to death in an attempt to try which was in the demonstration and the radicals attack the npp and activities throughout the city. the study busy and people have been killed meanwhile the least likely to kill this yet we don't use these crimes and on the countries that need to define the interim government on the monday right to freedom for their regions. a while. the crisis is called a
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ticket to ride again in new york and russia the us aisle to find common ground between the tuesday meeting at the un security council. the what you seem to lack of breaking the story and that the scandal became a design spread to the countryside happy. dozens of fatalities in school was even a peep in the country the people sitting the test at the time being ready to be peaceful farming for the race came in kiev at the ga than a complete its maniacal tv stations that my site the trade unions building west of port is a great serotonin have been forced myself to trying to seek shelter that has a strong will to see stability fifty eight people have been killed
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according to police some of the victims died on the jumping and the wind as it is quick to cite part is when she'll be it old school was even good people. i've been feeling in the streets calling for help or side of the same time mosman and i hate the theme connecting people in the streets with machine guns. it is amazing horowitz has joined by members of borrowing expressed disgust and fear the eighth with a blanket not to go to sydney lecturer in to manage the nation's most days thinking of this state mom thank you very much become each dish tv nbc evening. we get a quick rundown of events that what's your interpretation of what happened. while counts it's a very grim situation on the ground and we do have competing narratives coming out from both sides. but what seems to what happened is there have been competing protesters in odessa for the last few months we have seen that street battles of the nice
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feuding political militias. i think is the best way to call but this is the first outbreak of really deadly violence that we have seen it started out when a group of up nice and tidy up which protesters which had set up a tent camp on any area of the tree building in downtown and got some were attacked by a marvel of the needs of these ultra nationalists including the right sector ultra nationalist alliance of football shows plans of violent fans of the local football team and what started out the day at least by what can be described as peaceful bomb probe which of protesters. they set upon the camp oven and it moved very quickly. violence broke out right police largely stayed out of it he briefly tried to separate the two sides of the violence descended into one all out
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conflict. we saw pictures of pensioners on both sides throwing stones and beating each other with makeshift clubs. both sides throwing molotov cocktails of reports of an end and some footage of people with guns on both sides. vietnam the anti which protesters sought to take shelter inside it reads union building. there was an attempt by the pope which mom to storm the building partially succeeded. they set fire to the rest of the building of which tracks the view some of the workers who were in a trade union building. and to a larger part that were anti which protesters inside of the reports are that thirty eight people had died. thirty of them from smoke inhalation or being burned alive inside
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the building. among eight of those which reportedly jumped out of the windows and some of those that jumped out of the windows wouldn't set upon by the probe which mob outside in the exact model just to be dead because he hadn't gone to high rainfall eyewitness accounts of what you've just described at the qantas it's a member of the night but then i will try to talk to me crave this is what he told us. would you do that. one policeman died after being injured by a reit sector radicals who came today too so that there were over thousand of them. they wanted to hold a rally here for united ukraine in march towards our hands. we knew beforehand that this provocations of some over the gates met them as they were making their way. that's when the speaker radicals from molotov cocktails and rocks and started to part with art. our teams were able to send them off and stop
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using all their tents were fruitless the open tumbler that's how one of our guys and a policeman were killed these radicals were trying to get to our orthodox are open for many people come to pray for the soldiers lost their lives are my god you were ready to fight over him the coolest predicted that this was going to happen. ok so what we know it that some of these pro porch up mom that attack were locals. we also know that a large part of them were brought in from the rest of the country. we know this from for two reasons one because we have reports from the local police chief as early a week ago talking about them being lost these radicals being bussed in to odessa on and that they were not welcome or wanted and would only lead to an escalation of the situation secondly the right sector
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itself announced that they were sending forces to odessa and to park off worthy of awe also seen street violence in the past few days. in order to up in in their words restore order meaning the order of the disc which regime to force upon the people of odessa. so we know that a large portion of them at least part of were not from the dance itself the bike. will we see this situation rapidly evolving into these feuding political militias. the clashes based on identity based on politics religion culture and where he is becoming all balkan style situation up with if not neighbor against neighbor then at least countrymen against country. what you describe the net and russia to support the two sides in recent weeks the countries on the brink of civil war to nineteenth on the site. no no not at all and end it would be very tasty very hard to
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see how the situation doesn't escalate their further from here on top of the thirty eight people that died within the building. we know that there are reports that a further further three people perhaps one of them. a policeman died in the actual street clashes sum of one of them reportedly by gunfire know that too by being beaten to death. by opposing sides and this is exactly what the russian government has been warning about basically for months now and certainly since the events of the porch one fabric for twenty first and twenty seconds. they have been warning that this devolution. based on this extreme government violently seizing power would divide the country and it really all goes back to decision by the european union and the united states to try to make the this european union
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association agreement. make the ukraine make the scope of civilization or shorts. when you have a divided country on this with the one to call it divided in terms of ethnicity language or perhaps best described as identity. walk the one being a pro russian the other one being either extremely ethnic nationalist war pro european union. this is the inevitable result in russia have been warning about this for months now let's just talk about and so the ants the case. he told the status under a number of deaths. then three i believe when. kiev cent in the trees that line into the protest is we understand that some people than hunter and am expecting another self made of what you have to say i could have been anything before to think things might get that bad because that
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might be seamless happened i was a testing site deny what we should help. we would all hope that that would be the situation. however it seems more likely to me that the switch regime will attempt to double down and try to salvage a victory there under intense pressure political pressure from the pole to nationalists on the ground in kiev who are threatened. earlier this week on a in riots that broke out in kiev internationals riots with a porch light march reminiscent of nineteen thirties germany through the city demanding that the ports regime not take definitive action too assert its control over the keystone of the country. armed and with this pressure that's on them to do something. it seems likely that they will further attempt incursions and just what you say that mom that we've been hearing to the old saying from outback a bomb. i think we can just hear the sand by committee and when he actually said he believed to
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be. i kept up with the wild child restraints are consumed the biggest concerns that we've seen as the russian propaganda that has been blasted out non stop suggesting somehow that the ukrainian government is responsible for the problems in eastern ukraine. the crane government has shown remarkable restraint throughout this process. her strength yet. well of course this is the way it actually american propaganda littered with incredible hypocrisy and double standards because president obama and the rest of us foreign policy establishment when making such statements about the rights of government not to use force to restore law and order a few months ago when they were supporting of violent armed which against a government that was in kiev now that the government is that it is in power however a
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legitimate they are supporting it and saying that he alone has the right to use violence to assert its control over the people of east and south ukraine. and what we haven't seen what we've seen from this to every gene in kiev is not first rate. the complete inability it doesn't control its own armed forces to a large extent we have seen them issued repeated orders to the military security service leaders are to use deadly force against the protesters in south east ukraine and repeatedly they have denied orders some of them have defected openly they have turned over their weapons to the people again and again so it's not first rate. it's not inability to get out there security forces are to use force against their own people and the government has responded with courage after
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courage of the military the police and the security forces and increasing attempt to form these paramilitary forces. it's a brown shirt national guard units of the reit sector restructuring the military forces so that the majority of them around us love the odds are composed of western ukrainians not from the area for more willing to use force against the people from the street and bought which is treated as a man at least i will come back to the few minutes on tuesday will be instant hero films about the way fortnight what might happen next that some us was as peace they will come back she. if you missed on as the most divided selector into machinations of most guys thinking of this thing is it's not nineteen he was weak minded unity of the situation still tend to use this to see the subdued and scare when ready to die the st ukrainian shapes into self defense point is what killed the topic yet village demetrius held tight by the area from anti government
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protest is to succeed in its region has a population of just died about a hundred eyes and andy's i broke eighty three people on the table to evacuated the area eye. as you can save me. transit district owned in the course of being trying to prevent be transmitted to hot bath and beyond sued by simply standing in the way that things didn't seem concerned that the operation which kicked off with dylan came from my friend and an identical piece was sent to write this guy says it's against the sea would come then baba self defense forces the train young we decided to hold the air raids friday following the crash is i miss the acquisition is to show id to hide something. i'm definitely can see the self defense by the end to his id despite the fact that the sentence on tickets that what anthony says the man was abandoned by saying people
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be sure you get the top of the twenty seven helicopter was shot down. we wanted to get closer. decided to save the first time it was abandoned by his own people they came up to him and took away his gun. scientists across ukraine sigh things have been demanding a referendum to speak from kiev months neither the will to be saying that they want the rights of the russian speaking chinese to be respected and they feed the extremist threat with the mainstream governments meanwhile reports claim non genius of people dressed in uniform opinion on c drive said to his chest and side to dance. mind you the rice eggs actually our neon green has been involved in attacks on the train using the stone with the ami whether the government doesn't have full control and that the radical was that i have already come and seek games kids knew several times despite helping them to power
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during the fighting came in february for display in the report failed once again ready for action against the authentic country hearing reports that name is awesome i seek to have been trying to find a kitty content with being told that he honored that they had the unique forms of the white stick to so that is how they be easily identified as you can wear the matching tensions are running high it's taken us about four hours to accede to the town is complete the coaches poll few have barricades and check swings at everything and are intrinsically if it has the same time as he is and how that can interrupt our ukrainian energy was completely surrounded it retiring from the ukrainian defence ministry said two of its products have been killed there was something between two and four he copped a separate down to give this morning we haven't been able to verify the numbers don't seem to be self defense units one of the mendez has killed at the same time it was sitting on ukrainian hope to teach that at least ten checkpoints have been
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captured. distance has been building barricades of our band is reinforcing it with sandbags at the same time though cools off this topic has been coming for the author themselves as human shields. instead we trying to be a little barricades in a way to the cc sent out to hold the anti cancer is known as possible we don't want to let these lines in the kate is coming amen to this crime against humanity itself. for how long we have to be afraid children and the elderly deal people that surrounds climate to take their conscience and fight for their children. not the sticky things he is calm weekend she teamed on the periphery. this is the sixty with the situation is extremely tense and the people are comparing one third on sold by the ukrainian on. the of course the upcoming events occurring very kind to the team will bring me the make up bags as we get
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ay ay ay ay. the un when the situation in a kind of reaction to it from the international community to some discreet. the air. i do. rules are to compete you
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can jump in anytime you want aye aye. am . welcome back to the plate to the un and its eastern regions has been to buy a ticket in the nation c section of the un security council seats and a stitch or enters the meal with them still our meeting the second one conducted this week the thirteenth meeting on the ukrainian crisis out this friday. it was called by brush and urgent session to
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discuss the latest unraveling chaos on the ground of course on traditional for now and this place has waned even continued between the united states in the west and russia is certainly in the west continues to weigh master prevents unraveling on the ground bleeding and for trying to allegedly get in the way of keeping sovereignty must however said it calls for this meeting today urgently because of the increased militarization my vp of government against its own people not to have said that these are very dangerous steps that lead to harsh consequences. i called the criminal misadventure the latest events that have been unraveling in eastern ukraine to close the prices of assets in light of reason when you recall of kyiv is where listeners to sign the treaty very green. the us and the eu not to make horrible mistakes in serbia since the possible outcome of the actions of the week above the waist to reject its destructive policy with respect to ukraine. we'll switch among those who took power in kiev to immediately still that publishing
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operation of any of the violence against the right people to free political prisoners and allow all freedoms project is slated to pitch on. it also said that it's time for the west to stop toying with the situation in ukraine and talk to people in kiev instead of telling continuously russia to wear and how to have its own troops on its own territory of course the back and forth ensued between the west and russia and the meeting did and with russia calling for all sides the international community to not try to continue to stick with the agreement to halt all violence on the ground the mileage inch on sunday in the us president barrack obama held a press conference in washington and they said russia has violated international rule of ukraine with more sanctions could come if the situation deteriorates that a body scan each tn has details now from washington dc. as an obama talked about sick or all
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sanctions against russia at the meat is mentioned energy talk about diversifying europe's energy supplies present obama said the us has approved the export of u s natural gas he said the trade agreement that us and europe are now negotiating will make energy cooperation easier if the us has been trying to push europe's largest economy germany to sign up for harsher sanctions against russia the stupid right on the table. the german leader although verbal e critical of moscow when the legend of putin has previously shown reluctance to do that considering the fact that the sanctions could have on german economy and the economy not your fault russia has provided the third of europe's energy the german and russian companies and joint projects all german businesses to purge the halter on sanctions against russia and chancellor merkel most probably delivered that message to washington and you're still present obama said about that the question energy and possible sanctions. looking a whole range of issues. energy flows from russia to europe
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those continued even them in the midst of the cold war at the height of the cold. so the idea that you're going to turn off the tap. on hold russian oil or natural gas exports. i think it is un realistic present obama showed support for kids crack down on the protesting the east of ukraine. he called the team's move to restore order to enable merkel which it was as if they did not talk about it she just said she too would like to see elections carried out an inmate at the present obama again we heard nothing but praise for the government in kiev at one point keeps me to say that they duly elected government in kiev and apparently skipping the fact the ukraine selected president was overthrown and the ukrainians have not yet had the chance to elect their government. again u s president dismissed the poll protesting the e russia and put the responsibility for key escalating hamas go along this command to a breaking news story and the deadly
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standoff in ukraine it is nice but the countryside to have been dozens of fatalities in school was a dingy people in the country speaking for ctv definitely can't be made to the peaceful farming febuary skate in kiev had these other naked pic is me getting from the content of the supply side the trade unions to us support is of great serotonin may have been forced. i'm off to china to seek shelter that has a strong bold the things that according to many people have been killed. that's according to police the sum of the victims died off jumping and between dances with me since that others wish ill sweet oh two was even good people had been seen going in the streets trying to help in the same time maths men in black eye peas had been seen as threatening people on the street machine guns. he tapped his own minds they look really beautiful old trees to win by amanda's the following links. most of the edison electric its machinations of hostage taking of this is the queen
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and to discuss the situation in kind. mom thanks for much he added that the question is this the budget is tight but i can attest that the next twenty four hours north side of the subjects in odessa. i would expect the majority of the people will take a step back. after two nights of violence that will be some chalk on and there will be a reassessment however the reit sector forces and perhaps other radical groups there in the city will only see it as an excuse to act further. so while most of the forces on both sides will step back we can see the extremists me at them for their actions yet this evening or tomorrow. and with regard to the situations against what you think will happen and because people that are anticipating another vessel. it's um like other forces cannot yet. why i don't think we will see all four steel sold on the scene
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that would be my guest on the government and the switch regime in kiev simply hasn't shown the capacity to muster the forces from it all the statements of the regular army. the ukrainian army stationed around from what we've heard from on the ground reports are that they will not enter the city that they still refuse to use force against the people of the city that they will maintain a cordon around the city which i doubt they are attempting to draw ever tighter on turning transit in and out of the cd which includes food medical supplies and the like are bought out we can expect. i think this team reads conducted by asb use security service units. and by members of the national guard and the rights act and briefly displayed and keep the commands of washington's that i am from america falling this has been persistent think that under the comments which i was given to the forty people don't like lack any kind the last twenty four the unexpected comments will
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change i think they will grow increasingly she'll it real i'm trying to point the finger at russia out of desperation at the evolving situation. meanwhile the pressure on russia will continue to grow within the body count racking up people are nice and soft ukraine and the russian people increasingly asking how many people could die before russia stepped in and stops this push regime from killing its own people and for the month thanks very much to be happy to know that some of the beautician the lecture phase match the nation's most elite state university. we've got a bit like she's from china meant i was happy for now i'm crushed the renault. who knew i was the rule. judge rejected from kansas is going on trial for murder plot. he is very
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afraid of june prejudiced. is it because the jury is full of racists or some sort of vested interest in seeing him get locked away. no it is because he has a giant tattoo on his neck of the word murder written backwards wiser and backwards so he could read it in the mirror nowadays we live in a total culture of almost complete entitlements and actually chapman wants to leave jail on a special trip to a tattoo parlor to get the ugly ink change or move yet because he did something stupid his appearance. now it is the obligation of the government to help him fix the problem he created often these opinion pieces i am very critical of the government but this time with them and is told to write you can't just take everyone on special trips across town to can look good for their trial is in the state's fault that he has the word murder on his neck the prosecutors even seven chapman will be ok. he covered it up to deal with something like a stylish carport gap or turtleneck sweater. it is not the job of the government help you get rid of your very stupid and
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very incriminating get to just my opinion the row the eye the and. it all on a day on. it didn't do it. in it. all you. he eu. eye
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the reason why the bbc studios here in berlin and ryan. thanks for joining us coming up. sports are coming in right now of gas in the southern korea new port city of all gassed up and ukrainian military moves on pro russian defence forces in the us. i'm going to go and drop the bomb and asked him a reason why does sanctions on russia to try to be trained to lead. then it tells of support is growing for a presidential candidate


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